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You still must be quick in order to save Madd Dogg.Infinite health While playing the game, press Down, X, Right, Left, Right, R1, Right, Down, Up, Triangle.You can shoot them, but it’s usually more satisfying and rewarding to capture them instead. He’s not far, located in a nearby quarry called the Davis Quarry (2).They also pay out very well, in the range of ,000. His icon in blinking red and blue, meaning that you can kill him, or capture.Head to the question mark icon on the map to begin these mission.They mostly involve you trying to capture or take down Bail Bond Jumpers. Bail Bond Missions Map Bail Bond Target #1 – Ralph Ostrowski You get this target after you leave Maude’s place (1) the first time.

The game will prevent you from completing this mission if codes have been used excessively; this number appears to be cheats being used 500 or more times.

The Bail Bond Missions in GTA 5 are accessed fairly early on, soon after taking control of Trevor.

Your contact for these mission is a lady called Maude that Trevor seems friendly with.

The great thing is, you can keep all of the clothes that you buy without having to re-purchase.

This can be done by searching through your closet in the various safe houses scattered across the state.