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We pledge to support women in every possible way we can, including sharing responsibilities around the house and in parenting.

5) We believe that women should be paid in parity to men for the same work done and women should be given the same opportunities in the work environment.

It’s fantastic that women have become independent, but very few know how to strike a balance between this independence and allowing a man take care of them.

Men no longer feel useful around North American women and are starting to date women from more traditional cultures where women are strong, but also understand how to make a man feel like her hero.

The single most attractive thing to every man is a woman who makes him feel like she needs him.

Period.”Initially I thought why should we put all the emphasis on the women?

If someone had asked me 10 years ago if I was a feminist, I probably would have said no.

This knowledge was a terrible affront to the Christian sensibilities of the day that a literal reading of the Bible was not correct such as Psalm 93:1 (The world will surely stand in place, never to be moved).

Further discovery showed that the sun is only at the center of our solar system, not the center of the universe as the Copernican theory postulated and is merely one of millions of stars.

I have come to the feminist game pretty late and with little to no experience about what feminism even means.

The little knowledge I have comes from watching shows like after watching it recently, as a kid I just loved Sophia and thought they were all funny.) I was also raised by a single mother who didn’t date anyone.